China Stock Exchange

China stock market was established with the motive of allowing state owned enterprises to use the IPO(Initial Public Offering) route to access the investments made by Chinese households and foreign entities. This has become particularly important as the wealth of Chinese almost doubled to US$ 1.44 trillion between 1999 and 2004.
The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the leading stock market in Mainland China. It is governed by CSRC(China Securities Regulatory Commission) and operates with a non-profit making motive.

Classification of China Shares:
A Shares- A shares refers to the shares of those companies which are incorporated in mainland China. These shares are quoted in Renminbi and are traded in the A-share markets.

B Shares- these shares represent companies in mainland China. These shares are quoted in foreign currencies and both foreigners and mainlanders can trade in the B-share markets.

H Shares- these represent companies of mainland China. H shares of China are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and on various foreign stock exchanges.

Ways to select those china stocks that can yield dividends :
There are many companies in the China stock market that misguide the investors by their spurious advertisements and websites. Taking a look into the financial position of the company before invested in it is the accepted notion. However below mentioned are some informal tools that can help one understand the characteristics of a good stock:
The first thing that is widely accepted is that many companies emphasize their investor’s relations in their websites. However these informations are usually displayed with the intention of trapping the inexperienced investors. On the other hand, a reputed company will always detail out its product base and services offered by different departments.
Secondly, an eminent company is one whose products have been used and highly rated among customers. Reputation and fame is more important than growth rate because a good growth rate implies present performance whereas an excellent reputation implies stability.
Companies that sell additional shares only after long gaps and may resort to borrowing from banks for short term needs are usually accepted as having a sound financial base. Frequent sale of shares that dilutes the existing share value is not a good sign.


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