Copenhagen Stock Exchange

The Copenhagen Stock Exchange(CSE) is a marketplace which is international and was established for Danish Securities, including Shares, Bonds, Treasury bills and notes, Financial futures and options. Formed in 2003, it is one of the OMX Exchanges.

History and Origin of Copenhagen Stock Exchange:

In 1996 the Exchange was changed to a limited company and issued share capital in a ratio of 60-20-20 to members, issures of shares and issures of bonds.In 1997, the FUTOP Clearing Centre A/S, the Danish derivatives market, converted a fully possessed subsidiary. The function of FUTOP is to issues, clears,guarantees futures and options on shares, indices, interest rate products which can be purchased and sale electronically.

In1998 the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and Stockholmsborsen established the NOREX Alliance, a process to develop Nordic securities market. On 27th September 2004, the CSE took on the SAXESS trading system.

On 15th November 2004, CSE and OMX declared that the CSE would join the OMX group.

Market Indices
A weighted, market value index the C20 index joint with 20 Danish Blue Chips, inaugurated for futures and options trading. The KFX index is united with growing companies in the medical, telecommunication,biotechnology, information technology sectors on the exchanges of KVX Growth Market.The KAX index which is the exchange’s all share index, introduced in 2001 to reinstate the former all share index.
Copenhagen Stock Market Index KFX
Kobenhavns Fondsbors Index is the full name of KFX which includes 20 Danish companies Beginning in 1989, the KFX turned into the most important envoy of the price dynamics of Danish stocks.

The portfolio of index is resolute in November each year from among the stocks which integrated in the calculation of the Total Share Index. Unit trusts, foreign companies, and certain holding companies are not integrated in KFX or total index.

Top Investors in KFX
Den Danske Bank
Novo Nordisk B(107.4872m)
D/S Svendborg B
Ratin B
Danisco E M
Unidanmark A(650 m)
Tele Danmark B
Jyske Bank
Iss-Int. Service System B

Major Companies Listed in KFX
Danske Bank
Ambu International B
Alm. Brand
Energy Solutions International
EuroCom Industries
D/S Norden
Bavarian Nordic
Dansk Industri Invest
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Location Details:
Nikolaj Plads 6
Post Box-1040
Tel:+45 3393 -3366
Fax:+45 3312 -8613

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