Frankfurt Stock Exchange

The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the world’s largest and best-organized exchanges. Controlled by Deutsche Borse, owner of the European Futures Exchange (Eurex) and the clearing company Clearstream, Frankfurt’s is the largest stock exchange in Germany.
With a large share in the European market, this exchange handles over 90 percent of proceeds in the German market.

Approximately 47% of the 300 brokers on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange work overseas.

History and Origin
The Frankfurt Stock Exchange was founded in the 9th century AD with a free letter from Emperor Louis allowing for the organizing of complimentary trade fairs. During the 16th century, trade and financial services became the basis of Frankfurt’s rich economy.

In 1585 a bourse was formed to build stable currency exchange rates, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange became one of the major stock exchanges with London and Paris. Mayer Amschel Rothschild Bank and Max Warburg Bank had considerable control in the financial trade of Frankfurt.
After World War II, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange became recognized again as the most important stock exchange in Germany. In 1990 Frankfurt Stock Exchange was bourse for the Neuer Market(German for New Market), a component of the worldwide dot-com boom.
Market Indices and Capitalization
The market indices in Frankfurt Stock Exchange are DAX, DAXplus, CDAX, DivDAX, LDAX, MDAX, SDAX, TecDAX, VDAX, and EuroStoxx 50.

Today, Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s total turnover is 5.2 trillion Euros per year, making it the world’s 3rd largest market and 6th most important exchange in terms of market capitalization.

Major listed companies in Frankfurt Stock Exchange:
GPC Biotech
Daimler Chrysler
IKB Deutsche Industri Bank
C and C
TSS Group
Hannover Re

Top Investors
Deutsche Telekom
Munich Re
Bankgesellschaft Berlin
Siemens AG

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