Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the 7th largest and one of the most active stock exchanges in the world. The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Hong Kong Futures Exchanges Limited and Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited, these companies are the property of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, which is enrolled on its own exchange.

History and Origin of Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Accounts of securities trading in Hong Kong go back to the middle of the 19th century and fast economic development of Hong Kong directed to the formation of three other exchanges, namely-in 1969,the Far East Exchange; in 1971,the Kam Ngan Stock Exchange; in 1972, the Kowloon Stock Exchange.

Stress to reinforce market control and to unite the four exchanges directed the integration of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1980.

On 27th March 1986, the trading opearated by the four exchanges came to an end and on 2nd April 1986, the new exchange started trading with a computerized system. In March 2000, the unified stock exchange had 570 participating associations.

Market Capitalization and Indices
During November 2006,the total market capitalization of Hong Kong Stock Exchange was over HK$12 trillion(US$1.54 trillion) and with market capitalization of listed companies, this is the 7th largest Exchange in the whole world.

Hang Senge is the major index for trading share which comprise of the 33 largest companies trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and it symbolizes about 70% of the value of all stocks that purchased and sold on this exchange.This index divided into four sub-indices-commerce, property, finance, utilities.

Major Companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Agile Property
Bank of China(Hong Kong)
Cathey Pacific
Bank of East Asia
China Oilfield Services
Cheung Kong Holdings
Hang Seng Bank
Golden Harvest

Top Investors
Caf? de Coral
Applied Materials
Air China
Bank of Communications
China Mobile
Champion REIT
Geely Automobile

Location Details
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
One Exchange Square
8 Connaught Place Central
Hong Kong
Tel: (852)3101 7500
Fax: (852)3101 7530

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