Irish Stock Exchange

In 1793, the Irish Stock Market was begun in Dublin with the purpose of dealing. In 1973, the Irish Stock Exchange was combined with the International Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland. In1995, the contemporary Irish Stock Exchange was formed and got back to its independence.
Some stock broking firms are the owner of the ISE and most of them are presently connected with banks or different financial service companies.

The ISE is controlled by the Financial Regulator.

History and Origin of the Irish Stock Exchange(ISE)
By the unification of the Cork and Dublin exchanges (both of which were founded approximately about 1793) the major stock exchange of Ireland, the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) was established.

In 1799, the Stock Exchange (Dublin) Act which controlled the Cork and Dublin exchanges, was approved by the Irish Parliament.In 1973, the Irish exchange was incorporated with the other British and Irish stock exchanges and till 1995 it became a member of International Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland (today known as London Stock Exchange).
In 1995, the formation of the present autonomous Irish Stock Exchange was taken place breaking of its link up with London Stock Exchange.On 6th June 2000, closing of its famed trading floor located in Anglesea Street, Dublin 2, and shifting in an electronic trading platform known as ISE Xetra which is owned by the Deutsche Borse Group.
Market Indices
ISEQ overall index or Irish Stock Exchange Quotient, the ISEQ General, ISEQ Financial, the ISEQ 20, the ITEQ index, ISEQ Small Cap.
Market Capitalization
The majority of Irish public limited companies primarily listed on the ISE which is not obligatory for them.
Major Companies listed in ISE
Abbey Plc.
Anglo Irish Bank Funding Corporation Limited.
Bank of Ireland
C R H Plc
. Calyx Group Plc.
Datalex Plc.
Eircom Group Plc.
F.B.D Holdings Plc.
Glanbia Plc.
Kenmare Resources Plc.
Top Investors
Oakhill Group Plc.
McInerney Holdings Plc.
Newcourt Group Plc.
Readymix Plc.
South Wharf Plc.
IAWS Group Plc.
I..W.P.International Plc.
Elan Corporation Plc.
Fyffes Plc.
Allied Irish Banks Plc.

  • Fyffes Plc.
  • Allied Irish Banks Plc.

Guidelines for Investment
Information about how to begin a trading account in ISE and variety of services which are provided by the member firms to investors. These services are optional, consultative and effective. Holding of securities are accessible to the investors.
The Irish Stock Exchange

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