Kuwait Stock Exchange

The national stock market of Kuwait is the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE).In October 1962, a law was passed to coordinate the country’s stock market,though a number of share holding companies subsisted in Kuwait which were preceding to the formation of the KSE.
The Kuwait Stock Exchange is one of the major exchanges in the world and it is the first, largest, and most important stock exchanges in the Gulf region.

History and Origin of the Kuwait Stock Exchange
The Kuwait Stock Exchange is devoted to becoming one of the most important Stock Exchanges of the World which provides unique investment opportunities in a speedily growing capital market within the economy of Kuwait which become industrial. The KSE will have a trading, information system, skillful resources, availability and a fair and organized marketplace that is one of the best in the world.

The KSE will provide a wide range of different and exclusive quality stocks, joined with an increasing number of market instruments, making itself attractive for both domestic and foreign investors.
The KSE promotes the expansion of the Kuwaiti capital market and regarding this The Kuwait Stock Exchange is dedicated to encouraging the interests of the investors, members, business and industry, its employees and the government and nation.The objective of KSE is to be a world-class stock exchange.
Market Indices
Market Index Sectorial Indices which includes Banking, Investment, Real Estate, Insurance, Food, Industrial, Services, Industrial, Mutual funds, Non Kuwaities

Market Capitalization

During January 2006, the market capitalization of Kuwait Stock Exchange was 130,008.27 (US$) with 158 listed companies but in September 2006, the market capitalization was changed to 106,825.42 (US$) with 175 listed companies.
Major Companies listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange
National Bank of Kuwait
GBK Gulf Bank of Kuwait
CBK Commercial Bank of Kuwait
ABK AL-Ahli Bank of Kuwait
BKME Bank of Kuwait and The Middle East
KREB Kuwait Real Estate Bank
Burg Burgan Bank
KFIN Kuwait Finance house
Boubyan Boubyan Bank K.S.C
KINV Kuwait Investment Company
Top Investors
FACIL Commercial Facilities Company
IFA International Financial Advisors
NINV National Investments Company
KPROJ Kuwait Investment Projects Company
AINV Al-Ahleia Investment Company
Coast Coast Investment & Development Company
TII The International Investor Co. (KSCC)
SECH Securities House K.S.C.C
IIC Industrial Investments Company (KSCC)
SGC Securities Group Company (KSCC)
Guidelines for Investment
At the Kuwait Clearing Company (KCC) the investor must open an account.
Investor should be submitted a copy of the civil identification, the name of the bank with which the investor deals (3 K.D for individuals, 5 K.D for corporates).

In Kuwait Stock Exchange, select one of the registered Brokerage Firms.
Share certificates should be presented the subsequent day after the transaction, when issuing a selling order.
If the client’s balance with KCC is insufficient, then payment should be submitted to the broker the subsequent day before 11:00 am, when issuing a buying order.
Commission is counted 1.250 K.D for each one Thousand K.D, commission is counted 1 K.D for each one Thousand K.D for transaction of Fifty Thousand
K.D and above.
In favor of the client a cheque will be issued by KCC at every Saturday and Tuesday.
For each implemented transaction Kuwait Stock Exchange account is credited 500 fils.
According to its category share prices can vary 5 pricing units daily.

Location Details
Kuwait Stock Exchange
P O Box- 22235

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