Namibia Stock Exchange

Namibia Stock Exchange is a place in Namibia where stocks, bonds or other securities are purchased and sold. The Namibia Stock Exchange can also be defined as a not-for-profit association of Namibian businesses.
It is an association of stockbrokers, where stockbrokers meet to purchase and sell stock and bond on the basis of fixed regulations.

Components of Namibia stock exchange
Major components of Namibia stock exchange are stock, bond and securities.

It is a sort of security that denotes ownership in a corporation. It is the number of shares that each stockholder owns. Stock is basically of two types, one is common and the other is preferred.
Common stock give the owner the right to vote at shareholders’ meeting but preferred stock does not provide any voting right. Stocks are also known as shares or equity.

Bond is a formal certificate used as an evidence of a debt. Bond is normally issued in writing by governments or business corporations in return for loans.
It is an agreement that can be attributed a value. Some of the examples of security include note, bond, debenture, warrant, preferred share etc.

Key persons involved in Namibia stock exchange
Key persons involved in Namibia Stock Exchange are shareholders, stockbroker, dealers, and stockholder. Shareholder is a person, company or any establishment that owns at least one share in a company and stockbroker is an agent who executes the buying and selling orders of an investor.
Trading hours
The trading hours are normally 09h30 to 16h00. Namibia Stock Exchange is closed on Namibian public holidays and weekends.
Namibian Stock Exchange Association
The Namibian stock exchange association comprises 43 associate members including banks, listed companies, investment institutions, etc.

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