Slovenia Stock Exchange

The principal Slovenia Stock Exchange is Ljubljana Stock Exchange, abbreviated as LJSE, which is located at Ljubljana. The Ljubljana Stock Exchange was founded on 26th December 1989. Slovenia stock exchange market can be regarded as one of the lucrative markets in the world.

Slovenia Stock Exchange Index (SBI 20)
The Slovene Stock Exchange Index is the total market index of Ljubljana Stock Exchange, which is used to assess the performance of the entire securities market in Slovenia.

Slovene targets at providing cumulated information regarding price movements of liquid shares on official and semi-official market.

Strategies and objectives
The Prime objective of Ljubljana Stock Exchange(LJSE) is to control a segment of the capital market of Slovenia.
Playing an important role on the capital market of Slovenia, growing new products and services, attracting leading foreign investors and sustaining competitiveness of LJSE and its services.

Activities of LJSEActivities of LJSE
Major activities of LJSE include:
Constituting quality of the exchange market
Close observation of the market
Expanding areas of LJSE activities to ensure long term cost effectiveness
Developing proper segmentation of the existing market and services
Coordinating with foreign investors regarding new products and services
Ensuring transparent, safe and fair trading with securities
Providing information on demand and supply
Releasing daily price lists of securities
Providing technical support services, analyzing capital and financial market

International cooperation
Ljubljana Stock Exchange market maintains a high standard in Slovenia financial markets. On 1st June,1999 LJSE became the full member of Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE), along with other new European Union member states. Ljubljana Stock Exchange has also made it’s presence on the South Eastern European market.

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