Thailand Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is the national stock exchange of Thailand which is situated in Bangkok. The Exchange offers an entirely computerized trading system called the “Automated System for the Stock Exchange of Thailand”, or ASSET.

History and Origin of the Thailand Stock Exchange
The contemporary Thai Capital Market goes back to the early 1960s. In 1961, the Government of Thailand executed the country�s first five-year National Economic and Social Development Plan and in 1967-1971, the Second National Economic and Social Development Plan was executed to form an organized securities market in order to mobilize additional capital for national economic development.

The formation of Thailand’s first officially authorized and endorsed securities market was originally proposed as a component of the Second National Economic and Social Development Plan.
The contemporary Thai capital market can basically be separated into two stages, commencing with privately possessed “The Bangkok Stock Exchange” followed by the formation of “The Securities Exchange of Thailand”.
In July 1962, a private group formed an organized stock exchange as a limited partnership and in 1963 this organized stock exchange turned into a limited company and known as the �Bangkok Stock Exchange Co., Ltd.” (BSE).

In the early 1970s, the BSE at last stopped its operations and the reason was a deficiency of official government support and the imperfection of investor awareness of the equity market.

During this time, the Second National Economic and Social Development Plan (1967-1971) gave a proposal for the formation of an organized, officially supported securities market with apposite amenities and transactions for dealing of securities.

In May 1974, �The Securities Exchange of Thailand” (SET) Act was passed. In 1975 the fundamental legislative structure was primed and on April 30, 1975, “The Securities Exchange of Thailand” officially commenced trading. On January 1, 1991, “The Securities Exchange of Thailand� officially converted its name and known as “The Stock Exchange of Thailand” (SET).

From April 1991, the SET has controlled totally automated trading by the “Automated System for the Stock Exchange of Thailand”, or ASSET. In this system of trading, two major techniques of trading are offered: Automatic Order Matching (AOM) and Put-Through transactions (PT).
Market Indices

At present, the indices of the Thailand stock exchange are:
SET Index, SET50 Index and SET100 Index.
Market Capitalization
In 2005, the total Market Capitalization of Thailand Stock Exchange was 5,105.11(THB billion)
Major Companies listed on Thailand Stock Exchange
PTT Exploration and Production
Siam Cement
Advanced Info Service
Bangkok Bank
Thai Beverages
Kasikorn Bank
Thai Petrochemical Industry
Thai Oil
Siam Commercial Bank
Airports of Thailand
Top Investors
PTT Chemical
Thai Airways International
Bank Thai
Industrial Finance Corporation of Thailand
Krung Thai Bank
Siam Commercial Bank
Dynasty Ceramic
Gernal Engineering
Circuit Electronic Industries
Shin Corporation
Location Details
The Stock Exchange of Thailand Building
62, Ratchadaphisck Road,
Bangkok � 10110
Telephone: (662) 229 -2000
(662) 654 � 5656
Facsimile: (662) 654 � 5649

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