Tunisia Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange of Tunisia which is known as Tunis Stock Exchange is a small but effective African stock exchange. When the state enterprises became private, the activity of the Tunis Stock Exchange should be increased.

History and Origin of the Tunisia Stock Exchange
In 1969, Tunis Stock Exchange was formed and at present, more than 20 companies are listed on this exchange. However, this exchange was initially formed in 1969, but until 1995, it was an integral component of the Tunisian financial market. Later on, Tunis Stock Exchange was privatized.

For the last two years, the stock market represents the sanguinity of the Tunisian economy with comprising an average of 30% return.

In 1996 and 1997, the Stock Exchange faced many difficulties but in 1998, reforms took place to increase effectiveness and lucidity. With the launching of a new trading system based on the French SUPERCAC electronic trading system, this exchange assures a high degree of price lucidity.

Market Indices
Currently, the BVM Index is a list of the all companies which trades on the Tunisia Stock Exchange. In April 1998, a new index known as TUNINDEX was launched to the Tunisia Stock Exchange.
Market Capitalization
Still today, the stock exchange of Tunisia remains small with overall market capitalization of approximately $3.6 billion but in 1999, its performance was extremely well with a price-to-earnings ratio of 12. In 2006, the growth of trade volume was 57 percent which was non-speculative.

At present, 25 percent of the total market capitalization is acquired by foreigners.

Following the growth of the economy, the total market capitalization of Tunisia stock exchange also developed.

Major Companies listed on Toronto Stock Exchange

Bourse des Valeurs de Tunis Tunisia
Banque de l’Habitat Tunisia
Banque Nationale Agricole Tunisia
Banque Nationale de D�veloppement Touristique Tunisia
Ateliers M�caniques du Sahel Tunisia
Soci�t� Tunisienne d’enterprises de Tel�communications Tunisia
Tunisie Leasing Tunisia
Palm Beach Hotels Tunisia
Simpar Tunisie Tunisia
Soci�t� Chimique Alkimia Tunisia
Amen Bank Tunisia
Arab Tunisian Bank Tunisia
Banque du Sud Tunisia
Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisia
Union Internationale de Banques Tunisia
Soci�t� de Placements et de D�veloppement Industriel Tunisia
Monoprix Tunisia
Compagnie d’Assurances et de R�assurances Tunisia
Ateliers M�caniques du Sahel Tunisia
Banque de Tunisie et des Emirats d’Investissement Tunisia

Location Details
Tunis Stock Exchange
Centre Babel
Escalier E
Tel: +216 1 78-6912
Fax: +216 1 78-9189

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