Uganda Stock Exchange

Uganda Stock Exchange, alternatively called Uganda Securities Exchange was founded in the year 1997 with an objective to enhance the economic condition of Uganda. For the last couple of years, Uganda Stock Exchange experienced a rapid growth.

Evolution of Uganda Stock Exchange
First security listing of the Uganda Securities Exchange was executed in the year 1998. Uganda Stock Exchange started trading from January, 1998. At that time, only one bond was issued by the East African Development Bank, with only a small number of trade.

In 2000, first equity of Uganda Securities Exchange, the Uganda Clays Ltd. Share was enrolled. In the same year, the share of the British American Tobacco Ltd was in the process of changing into public company.

In 2001, Uganda Securities Exchange experienced the first cross border listing( It is the paper which analyzes capital flows to emerging markets). Kenya Airways share was the second cross border listing products in 2002 and in the same year Uganda Securities Exchange experienced the flotation and listing of the shares of the Bank of Baroda.
Bank of Baroda was the first commercial bank listed in Uganda Securities Exchange. Ushs 20 billion Uganda Government 20% Coupon Rate Treasury Bond in 2004 was the first government bond listed in Uganda Securities Exchange:

  • Trading hours in Uganda: Monday to Friday.
  • Postal address of Uganda Securities Exchange is:

    4 Nile Avenue,EADB Building, Ground Floor
    PO Box 23552
    Kampala, Uganda.

  • Office address of Uganda Securities Exchange is:

    Plot 2
    Pilkington Road, Workers House Worker’s House
    2nd Floor, Northern Wing
    Kampala, Uganda


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