Indian Stock Chart

Indian stock chart refers to the different stock charts of Indian companies in which the movements and trends of the stocks are recorded. Indian stock charts are quite useful for the Indian investors. By following the Indian stock charts, an investor can have a transparent idea about the Indian stock market.
The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the principal stock exchange of India and its main index is known as the BSE Sensex or BSE 30. The BSE Sensex is implemented to track the movements of the stocks of the Indian companies and also various foreign companies. A large number of stock charts are produced on the basis of the stock’s performance on the BSE Sensex.

Another important stock exchange of India is the National Stock Exchange and the official index of that exchange is known as NIFTY. Some of the Indian stock charts are also represented according to the movements and trends on the NIFTY index.

The Indian stock chart producing companies prepare the stock charts with the help of a number of sophisticated softwares. These softwares have been configured in such a manner so that the investors can choose their stocks from a number of stocks quite easily and view their charts.
These softwares are quite helpful for the purposes of stock screening, stock charting, as well as stock research on the Indian stock exchanges.

The charts are available for intraday trading, short-term trading, medium term trading and long term trading results. Both fundamental analysis and technical analysis data can be availed from these charts. The charts are based on comprehensive market research and that is why they are regarded as authentic.

The information and tools offered by the Indian stock charts include the following:

  • Real time chart data
  • Historical chart data
  • Tick chart
  • Overlay graphs
  • Stock tips
  • Investment advice
  • Charting tools

The Indian Stock Charts are offered to the Indian investors online or over the Internet free of cost. With the help of these charts, the investors can have a broad-based idea about the different aspects of online stock trading.

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Last Updated on : 26th August 2013

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