Stock Earnings Report

A stock earnings report is a kind of performance report card of various companies. The stock earnings report contains information pertaining to earnings from net sales, from operations, net income and earnings from every share. These reports are meant for public companies.
In fact, it is the medium by which the public comes to know about the performance of the companies. Stock earnings report helps investors in deciding whether they should invest in stocks of that company or not.

The following sectors made their presence felt strongly:
IT consulting firms
Automobile parts as well as equipments
Softwares of home entertainment.

The sector, which made its presence felt the least include the following:
Manufacturing of motorbikes
Farming machinery
Agricultural chemicals
Consumable fuels
Real estate
Investors have feared that in the year 2008, the economy might slow down and there are chances of turmoil in the financial market.
Merrill Lynch:
This company suffered losses more than was anticipated. The price of shares was USD$12.57 per share or in other words, it suffered losses worth USD$10.3 billion. The expected loss was USD$4.93.
The company declared that it is intending to shed its dividends. Plans also include raising USD$1 billion. Stock earnings report reveal that majority of the sectors registered a loss exceeding 1%. It is being increasingly observed that 2008 did not have a good beginning as far as stocks are concerned.
Lehman brothers:
This company declared that mortgage origination resources in the context of residential areas would be shed. Also suspension of unit wholesale lending activity is intended by the management of the company.

Reports suggest that the performance of S&P 500 index is not very appreciable trading only 387 stocks out of 500 stocks. In fact, one may expect to see a lot of upheavals this year on the stock market.

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Last Updated on : 26th August 2013

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