StarBucks Stock report

In this paper we will give you the stock report of Starbucks, an American coffee bar chain, as of 8th January 2008. Starbucks, situated in the Unites States of America, is the greatest coffee bar chain in the world. It has more than 2,600 stores across the world. All the stores sell same kind of products and have same looks, music and feel.
Moreover, the company tries to offer same type of experience to the coffee gores in New York, Kuwait City, Seattle, Taipei and London.

StarBucks’ Stock report as of 8th January 2008 is given below.
StarBucks’ share went up to 20.49 dollars.
Starbucks is operating with more than 15 thousand retail outlets.
The company also are planning to divert an extra amount of funds to its oversees business.
However, the company cuts down the number of new-store opening across the world.
Starbucks also decreased its target of same-store sales growth by 3% to 5%.
The profit – earning ratio of the company was 21.88.
The amount of StarBucks’ market capital was 13,914 million dollars.

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