Stock Market Companies

Stock market companies are the companies or corporations that offer stocks for trading at stock exchanges. Through Stock market investment many investors have made fast and easy money. Before investing it is prudent to have a clear perception related to different categories of companies.
Expert financial analysts and financial advisory service providers offer guidance during benchmarking the value of the shares offered by different stock market companies. For effective stock market analysis it is essential to monitor the rates offered by the different stock market companies.

While stock trading, potential investors buy and sell bonds,securities and and stocks offered by the stock market companies .The stock broking agencies further segregates these companies for better benchmarking and trading convenience.

During a trading day,the stock market index determines the value of the shares that are offered by different stock market companies. For offering initial public offering it is necessary to be listed as a trading company in the stock market.
As investment in stock market involve high risks ,investors want to scrutinize performances of the different stock market companies before investing. Professional investors keep a track of the different companies listed in the stock market.

There are specific techniques of analyzing the performances and the returns offered by the different stock market companies. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are mainly carried out by the share analysts. A thorough study of the stock market companies can be profitable while purchasing shares,bonds or securities.

While studying performance of a stock market company, following factors are considered:

-Previous performance history of the company
-Previous dividend per equity
-Financial statement of the company
-Price trend of the shares stocks by the company
-Growth rate of the company
-Total assets of the company

The returns offered by the companies can largely vary as areas of business operations differ.

The following factors are crucial during analysis:

-Shares in the market
-Area of business operations
-Assets of the company(both tangible & intangible assets)
-Profitability of the company

Stock market companies may be categorized into few categories and while benchmarking, a comparison is made among the companies of specific categories for convenience in benchmarking.

Some of the major categories are as follows:

-Capital Goods
-Real Estate
-Biotechnology & Life Sciences
-Consumer Durables & Apparel
-Food Beverage & Tobacco
-Software & Services

Dividends and returns offered by stock market companies considerably differ.

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