Stock Market Investment

Stock Market Investments can lead towards fast and easy money when an investor invests with experience and estimation of stock market analysis. A vivid idea and thorough knowledge about stock market is prerequisite before initiating the investment.
There are different financial advisors who run Profitable Expert Financial Services along with Investing Advisory services to make stock market investments more profitable. Professional stock market investors across the globe are maximizing financial profits through stock market investments.

Stock market investments facilitate purchase, sell of stocks, bonds and other securities from the stock market. Stock exchanges can be corporations, mutual organizations where buyers and sellers of securities and stocks accumulate for trading purposes.

According to Britannica Encyclopedia, investment may be defined as �Process of exchanging income for an asset that is expected to produce earnings at a later time�(
Stock market investments involve high risks and before investing it is necessary to have proper insight about the market pulse. While initiating stock market investments, it is prudent to have idea about effective market analysis.

Stock market analysis is universally carried on by following the two main methods:
Fundamental analysis: Analyzing the companies according to the financial statements.
Technical analysis: Usually trends are followed while performing technical analysis. In this type of study charts and different quantitative techniques are used to analyze the price trends.


Quarters (Millions- Dollars)
March 31, 2007 448.5
Dec 31,2006 332.9
March 31,2006 293.0


The major stock exchanges of the world are as follows:
American Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Madrid Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange
Karachi Stock Exchange
Istanbul Stock Exchange
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Johannesburg Securities Exchange
Nagoya Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Helsinki Stock Exchange
Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of India
Bombay Stock Exchange
Singapore Exchange
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Korea Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Milan Stock Exchange
Osaka Securities Exchange
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Stockholm Stock Exchange
Zurich Stock Exchange

Stock market investments are going uphill across the world and numbers of investors are growing daily.

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