Stock Market News

Stock Market News helps us get a variety of information about the movements of stock prices in the stock market. The Stock Market deals with the issue and trading of shares or stocks, which is done either through stock exchanges or over-the-counter markets.
Another name of stock market is equity market. The stock market is one of the most important segments of market economy. The stock market helps companies to raise capital for business and the investors get a sense of ownership in the company and they can have potential gain from the future growth of the company.

The stock market can be categorized into two parts:

The Primary Market:

The primary market deals with offering of new issues (Initial Public Offers or IPOs).

The Secondary Market:

The secondary market deals with subsequent trading of the shares after the IPO is made.
Stock Market News provides us authentic information about both types of markets.

Stock Market News gives us information about the movements of the share prices in a market or a section of the market, which are recorded in price indices, and these are called stock market indices.

The Stock Market News plays an important role for every segment of the society. It provides valuable information to the company like profitable investment opportunities and it is important for the company because the stock market is one of the most vital instruments for raising money. It provides information to the investors and it is important for the investors because if the stock prices go up, then by selling the stocks, they can earn some profit. It is important for the national economy as a whole because the movements of share prices are entirely dependent on the market forces. If the prices show stability or growth, then it also indicates that the economy in general and the financial condition of the companies are stable and growing. So the share price movements and stock index movements are the indicator of the country’s general economy.

Stock Market News also provides information about the activities of the major stock exchanges around the world.

Some of them are the following:
American Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)
Euronext Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

The sources of Stock Market News are the following:
Print Media:
Newspapers, Magazines, Books, and Periodicals etc.
Electronic Media:
Television and Internet.

Therefore, Stock Market News plays a pivotal role in the national economy of a country.

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