Stock Market Prediction

Stock market prediction is in high demand and expert financial analysts are offering predictions about the stock market trends. By investing in stock markets, an individual can make fast money and this is the prime reason behind wide speculation of different stock market trends.
Experienced stock traders and investors are providing profitable expert financial services and they have sound knowledge about stock market investments. Basing upon skills and experiences the financial analysts can offer effective stock market prediction.

Stock market prediction is a highly risky job as all sorts of stock market investments are associated to market risks. Despite all these issues, stock market prediction is widely being practiced. Stock exchanges are mutual organizations where sellers and buyers of stocks and securities assemble for share trading. explains the word �prediction� as �Something foretold or predicted; a prophecy.� ( Prediction about particular stocks and the scopes and opportunities associated is stock market prediction.
Effective stock market prediction involves substantial knowledge about the technique of share analysis clubbed with ideas of understanding the stocks with high momentum. While investing in stocks, investors want to be aware about the market pulse and this is the prime cause of universal popularity of stock market prediction.

For stock market prediction, the two following techniques are used:
Fundamental analysis: Financial statements of different companies are analyzed and studied.
Technical analysis: In generic, growth and business trends of different companies are scrutinized.

The stock analysts also have in-depth perception about the following categories of stock trading:
Scalping: Purchasing considerable number of shares in a stock with a target of a small move in momentum.
Day trading: Stocks are bought and sold within a trading day with a target of high-rise in price.
Swing trading: Buying a share for a short period with a target of considerable return.
Buy and hold: Buying and holding stocks with a long-term investment plan.

A comparison of market services revenues of NASDAQ highlight the fact that demand of stock trading is highly at a rise:
During the Financial year 2006,rise in market services revenues have been 10.4% more than the previous fiscal.

Quarters (Millions-Dollars)
Dec 31,2006 39.4
March 31,2006 35.5


Stock market prediction is gaining huge popularity and the financial advisors are using powerful methodologies and stock market tools with an aim of providing perfect speculations.

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