Stock Market Strategies

Stock market strategies need to be perceived before initiating an investment. Stock market investment can be a way of grabbing fast money if proper ways and stock market investment strategies are followed. While maximizing wealth and gains in personal finance by investing in stock markets, it is necessary to have a clear insight regarding effective stock market strategies.
It is prudent for an investor to consult with financial advisors to have a clear guidance related to stock-picking methodologies. Expert financial analysts are well aware about intrinsic values of the corporations.There is no foolproof system of understanding the stock market strategies. Experience and capabilities of business analysis clubbed with sharp idea about the market pulse can be of great help while investing in stocks.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica concise, stock exchange may be defined as� Organized market for the sale and purchase of securities (see security) such as stocks and bonds.�

(, and the word �strategies� mean �In warfare, coordinated application of all the forces of a nation to achieve a goal.�
( It can be said that a systematic approach of an investor for investing in the stock market for achieving desired financial goals is his/her individual stock market strategy.

Stock market strategies should depend upon various factors and these strategies also involve high market risks.

Some of the following factors should be considered while investing:
Tangible and intangible assets of the company that offering shares
Exponential growth of the company.
Previous returns offered by the company
There are different methodologies of market analysis and the main two are as follows:

Fundamental analysis: Financial statements and facts and figures of a company are studied in this process. There are varied tools and techniques of fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis: Quantitative techniques are followed and the company’s performances and the undervalued companies are identified.

Stock market strategies largely depend upon the type of investment, it may considerably differ from day to day trading and long-term investment. Vivid knowledge, education and ideas about investment can help in developing better stock market strategies.

Effective share market strategies can help in achieving desired financial goals, the following table portrays the growth in the leading stock trading center NASDAQ:

3 Quarters (Millions-Dollars)

March 31, 2007 448.5
Dec 31,2006 332.9
March 31,2006 293.0



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