Oregon Capital Gain Tax

Oregon capital gain tax was previously charged at a rate of 4%, but now, the rate has been increased to 9%. The economy of Oregon is a flourishing one and more than half of the families in the state are in possession of assets that are liable to be taxed under capital gains tax laws.
The capital gains tax rate in Oregon is the second highest in the United States of America, second only to California, which has a capital gains tax rate of 9.3%. . The revenue generated from capital gains tax forms the main source of revenue in the state of Oregon. The middle and lower income groups in the state make the bulk of their capital gains as a result of inflation and therefore, capital gains tax in Oregon is levied on the gains made as a consequence of inflation.

The high rates of capital gains tax in the state reduce capital spending and this leads to lock-in of investments.

A reduction in the rate of capital gains is being proposed, as this would encourage capital formation and further investments. The funding of venture capital for business in Oregon can go up by 4% if the rate of capital gains tax is reduced.
All classes of people ranging from middle-income group, workers to senior citizens would benefit from such tax cuts.

The long-term Capital gains tax of Oregon is charged at the same rate as regular income.

The assets on which capital gains tax of Oregon are imposed are as follows:

  • Businesses
  • Stocks
  • Land
  • Farm
  • Real Estates
    Other forms of assets
    The largest amount of capital gains tax revenue is obtained from corporate stocks. The corporate tax on capital gains in Oregon is imposed on companies that make profit out of the sale of capital assets.

According to the current laws in place, the following are the rates of Oregon capital gain tax:

  • Corporations – 6.6%
  • Individuals – 5%, 7% and 9%.
  • Proposed Law – 4%


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