Missouri Inheritance Tax

Missouri Estate Tax Introduction
The Missouri inheritance tax has been replaced by estate tax in the state. Previously known as the Missouri inheritance tax, the Missouri estate tax is applicable for the transfer of taxable properties held in the limits of the state.It is normally equal to the upper limit of death taxes that are permitted by the Section 2011 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Missouri Estate Tax Facts

The state of Missouri levies estate taxes on the property owners who own properties outside the state. The tax is normally computed by multiplying the inheritance tax with a fraction value. The fraction value is calculated by dividing the difference of the total property of the individual and his inherited property with his total property.

Considerations like mortgages of the inheritor or other outstanding liabilities are not given any importance when making these calculations.

The properties within the state of Missouri could be subjected to taxation provided it is a physical property and is located within the state itself. If a certain non physical property is owned by a resident of the state of Missouri it could be subjected to taxation.
If the director of revenue makes a claim that a property owner was residing in Missouri at the time of his death and is confronted by similar claims from director of revenue from other state or states, they can reach for a compromise.

The agreement entitles the director of revenue in Missouri to be provided by money as a payment of the death taxes in the state.

Missouri Estate Tax Return Filing

The executor is an important person in the context of filing of estate tax returns in the state of Missouri. In case of the residents of Missouri as well as the non residents, the tax returns are filed by these officials only.

However, in case of the non residents of the state owning property within it need to complete the formalities only if the combined value of the properties is more than $10,000.

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