Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax Service is a tax preparation firm based in the USA and Canada that specializes in preparing the tax returns for the individuals and small services. The Liberty Tax Service is the second largest tax service provider in the world.

The clients associated with the Liberty Tax Service are content with the services offered by the company like – year round support, guaranteed accuracy, guaranteed satisfaction, free consultation, correspondence assistance, audit assistance and free copies of the tax returns. There are a number of tax-filing processes undertaken by the Liberty Tax and the clients can select the desired one depending upon the needs and requirements. The filing options available here are – electronic filing, electronic check, paper returns, lib tax and online tax preparation.

Liberty Tax Online provides customized service to make the tax returns procedures quick and hassle-free. The clients can go with the process easily while the tax professionals of the company provide the clients with the necessary guidelines regarding tax preparation. After completing the tax preparation process, the clients can request for refunds to be mailed directly to the account. The Liberty Tax Service also helps the clients with free audit service and takes the responsibility to explain how the tax return was prepared if the IRS audits the client.

The Electronic Refund Check (ERC) is the electronic deposit of the federal and state refunds into the service bank of the client. The clients can even collect the refund check from the Liberty Tax office or can have it direct deposited into the bank account. With the electronic refund check process the funds are usually credited within 8 to 15 days following the IRS acceptance of the client’s federal tax return. The electronic filing option of the Liberty Tax makes the tax return of the client to be filed directly to the IRS and to the Department of Revenue of the state.

There are some principles that the company follows along with providing efficient service. Some of the principles are – monitor the results rather than the activities; mistakes made are treated as the future education, having integrity, being honest and showing respect to the clients, give loyalty, perfect communication and most importantly working with the team effort.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013