Tax Planning

In most of the countries across the world, investments have become an easy way to secure the financial future. Tax planning is extremely important for anyone willing to make investments of any form. The tax planners are also vitally important with regard to tax planning.
In different countries all over the world the tax planners have been helping people with regard to minimization of tax burden. They are often employed by the major corporations to verify their respective balance sheets and suggest ways in which there could be reduction in the taxes. The tax planners have also helped their clients to understand the nuances of the laws that govern taxation, as they themselves are skilled professionals in this field.
There are a few tax considerations that need to be considered before making an investment, like the following:
Higher Basic Exemption Limit and Increased Rate of Return
Choosing the Right Member’s Fund for Investments
Capital Generation Needs of Each Member
Availability of the Concessions on the Initial Investment and the Returns
The Age of the Investor
The Tax Liability of the Earnings
Investment made in the Name of Senior Citizens
Taxability of Sums received on Maturity
It has been observed very often that parents are investing in the name of their children. This is a way of guaranteeing that the particular investment does not fall under the jurisdiction of taxes as the child is not supposed to be regarded as someone who could be regarded as an earning member of the family.

Investments, which accrue the investor with a short-term benefit, such as the transfer of shares through certain accepted stock exchanges are often liable to receive certain tax exemptions like reduced rates of taxation.

It is always advisable to invest in shares using the name of any member of the family as this normally does not lead to any kind of differential tax outflow. It has been observed that businessmen buy shops in the names of their family members in order to reduce their individual tax burden and this practice is also considered to be a widely used mode of tax planning.

The different means of tax planning prove to be of great use for effective tax management.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013