Property Tax

The property tax refers to the amount of tax to be paid on the privately owned property. The taxable amount on the property is calculated on the basis of local tax rate and also on the value of property.

A property owner, either of a real estate or any other type, must pay the property tax to the government and the amount to be taxed depends on the assessed value of the property. Apart from the real estate property, the property tax may be levied on the properties like aircraft, boats, mobile homes, land or other real property. Property tax is also termed as millage tax or realty tax. The types and forms of property tax may vary from one country to another. Generally the authorized taxing body assesses the monetary value of a property and depending on that the property tax is calculated.

The local government generally evaluates the value of the property periodically in order to correct any kind of imbalance that might cause from the increases in value of a property. This process is helpful to determine the tax rate to be implemented on the property owner as like the value of property, the income of the property owner also may vary over the period of time.

On the event when the value of a property is wrongly calculated, there may raise a dispute among the tax collecting authority and taxpayer. The property tax attorney then handles the legal matter thus saving the owner from paying excess tax. The property dispute may also arise due to joint owners and the property attorney takes care of those issues too.

Property tax relief is an important aspect in the concept of property taxation that gives the owners some relief or rebate provided by the government. In order to lighten the tax burden on the taxpayer citizens of the country, the governments generally offer such kind of rebates and refunds. In some countries the property tax relief is given to those residents whose property has been damaged. The government may decide upon a number of categories to provide relief on the property tax and those may be – senior citizen property tax relief, homestead exemption, low-income, individual income property tax credit and long-term homeowner tax credit. Most of the governments provide property tax relief mainly to the senior citizens and low-income families of the country.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013