Indiana Property Tax

The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) supervises the Indiana property tax. The rules and regulations regarding property tax in the state of Indiana are quite strict. The property tax in Indiana is represented as a contribution of the property owner towards the expenditure of the local government in a particular year.
The collection of property taxes in Indiana is performed by treasurers of local counties. The county and township assessors carry out the assessment of property taxes in Indiana. The guidelines behind this type of assessments are enforced by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.

In Indiana, the property taxes are imposed at the local tier under the supervision of the Department of Local Government Finance. The payment of property taxes in Indiana is done on an arrear basis, which means the tax, which is paid in the present year stands for the tax that has been outstanding in the last year.

The due dates for payment of property taxes in Indiana are the following:
May 10
November 10
The property tax payments are usually made in two yearly installments. The basis for the calculation of property taxes in Indiana is the appraised value of a property.

The Property Tax Control Boards in Indiana have been established for allowing adept appraisal of construction projects, which is an important component of the continuous effort of the state to guarantee financial responsibility.

At present, there are two property tax control boards in Indiana and they are the following:
The School Property Tax Control Board
Local Property Tax Control Board

These boards consist of a number of experts from various specialized areas of practice, for example, engineering, education, business, and architecture.

The DLGF works in conjunction with the local government units all over Indiana in order to ascertain a customer-friendly and balanced taxation infrastructure.
Contact Details:
Indiana Department of Local Government Finance
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N1058
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: (317) 232-3777
Fax: (317) 232-8779

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