Arizona Sales Tax

The Arizona sales tax rates or better known as Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax rates are generally fixed at 5.6 percent in the state. There are 15 counties in Arizona and all of them levy transaction privilege taxes. The sales tax is generally the consumption tax, which is charged at the point of purchase and the tax is generally charged by the government as a percentage of the price.
In the United States of America, the sales tax is not implemented on the national level. The state of Arizona assesses the amount of sales tax to be imposed on a particular good or product. In some part of the state, the Arizona sales tax is also calculated by the county or municipality.

Transaction privilege tax (TPT) is implemented in Arizona and it differs from the concept of sales tax as applicable otherwise as the sales tax here is levied on the gross receipts of the vendor in stead on the liability of the consumer in Arizona.

According to the Arizona Administrative Code rule R15-5-2202, the vendors in Arizona are allowed to transfer the sales tax amount on the consumer however still remaining the liable party to pay the tax to the state.
There are sixteen tax classifications under which the TPT in Arizona is imposed. The most common rate of sales tax in Arizona is 5.6% with an additional of up to 5% imposed by the cities and the counties in Arizona. There are some items, which are exempted from Arizona sales tax and they are mainly the foods used for home consumption and the drugs and medicines that are prescribed by a licensed physician or doctor of the state. But there are some cities and counties in the state that levy sales tax on the home consumption food. All the 15 counties and incorporated municipalities levy transaction privilege taxes in the state while the hotels and motels in Arizona enjoy an exceptional sale tax rate of 1 to 3 percent.

The current Arizona sales tax rate is 5.6% while Maricopa County adding 0.7% sales tax in order to support roads and jails in the county. The total sales tax in Maricopa County then comes out to be 6.3%. Every city in Arizona may add sales tax hence in order to merchandise in a particular city in Arizona, total retail sales tax that a consumer has to pay is the addition of sales tax imposed by the state and the county and also by the city on that particular good.

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Last Updated on : 5th July 2013

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