Top 10 Economies of the World

The Top 10 Economies of the World provides you with thorough information on the global economic conditions. The list includes both the best and the weakest performers in world’s economy at present.The countries have been rated based on criteria like economic power, development and growth along with Gross Domestic Product and population. The listing is done based on proven indexes and the data has been collected from top international organizations, specialized publications and research associations including:
US Census Bureau, International Data Base
United Nations, Human Development Report 2011
International Trade Statistics 2011, WTO
World Economic Outlook Database-September 2011, IMF

Following is the list of Top 10 Economies of the World:

Top 10 Economies of the World
Rank Country/Region GDP (Millions of US$)
1 United States 17418925
2 China 10380380
3 Japan 4616335
4 Germany 3859547
5 United Kingdom 3056499
6 France 2846889
7 Brazil 2353025
8 Italy 2147952
9 India 2049501
10 Russia 1857461

List by the International Monetary Fund (2014)

Categories of Economies:

Richest Economies:

The countries are listed on the basis of their Gross Domestic Product in a fiscal. At present, the USA is the richest country followed by Asian giants, China and Japan.

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Poorest Economies:

Here, the focus is on the countries having the least yearly Gross Domestic Product. At present, Tuvalu and Kiribati are the weakest economies followed by Sao Tome and Principe, and Tonga.

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Most Powerful Economies:

The section enlists economies based on their National Power Index, which is a combined index made up of a country’s economy, technology, military, diplomacy and popularity.

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Least Powerful Economies:

The listing is done on the basis of National Power Index of economies. As per latest data, Bhutan, Somalia and Equatorial Guinea are occupying the top slots in the list.

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Exporting Economies:

The economies are listed with regards to the volume of exports achieved in a financial year. Statistics on exports of commercial services and merchandise are used to create the list.

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Importing Economies:

The list is compiled on the basis of total imports – both commercial services and merchandise – in a financial year. The US occupies the top spot in the latest list.

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Most Populated Economies:

The list features data collected from sources such as US Census Bureau and International Data Base. At present, China leads the pack followed by neighbors, India in the second place.

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Least Populated Economies:

Countries are featured on basis of their population. At present, Montserrat, Saint Barthelemy and Saint Pierre and Miquelon have the top spots in the list.

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Most Developed Economies:

The list ranks countries on the basis of their annual Human Development Index or HDI, which is made up of factors such as life expectancy, level of education, income, and standard of living.

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Least Developed Economies:

The Democratic Republic of Congo leads the list. The ranking is done on the basis of Human Development Index of individual countries.

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Fastest Growing Economies:

The list focuses on countries based on their GDP growth rate. The section basically focuses on year-on-year growth rate percentage. At present, Qatar and Ghana are the leaders in terms of economic growth rate.

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Slowest Growing Economies:

The countries are ranked on the basis of their GDP growth rate, i.e., the year-on-year percent change in constant prices (denoted in national currency).

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Last Updated On : May 21, 2015

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