Top 10 Exporting Economies of the World

The top 10 exporting economies of the world are listed here, according to the exports done by them for the year 2010.

Top 10 Exporting Economies by Exports for 2010:
The data used for exports is an aggregate of the merchandise exports and commercial services exports done by the economy for the mentioned year.

The list features the leading global economies such as the US, China, Germany, Japan and Netherlands. It is primarily dominated by countries from Europe � a proof of the volume of economic activity of this continent. Find below the detailed list of the top ten exporting economies for the year 2010:

Exports (in billion USD)
Commercial Services
U.S.A. 1278.26 518 1796.26
China 1577.82 170 1747.82
Germany 1268.87 232 1500.87
Japan 769.84 139 908.84
Netherlands 573.36 113 686.36
France 520.66 143 663.66
United Kingdom 405.67 227 632.67
Korea, Republic of 466.38 82 548.38
Italy 447.53 97 544.53
Belgium 412.22 82 494.22
As on : 17th Nov, 2011
Source : International Trade Statistics 2011, WTO

Brief about the Economies:
United States: The major export partners of the US are Canada, China, Mexico and Japan. It exports products such as soybeans, automobile parts, fruits, computers, corn, telecom equipment, organic chemicals, cars, transistors, medicines, and aircraft.
China: China primarily exports products like electrical and other machines, textiles, data processing equipment, iron and steel, apparel, and medical equipment. Its top export partners are the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany and Japan.
Germany: Germany s leading export partners are France, Austria, the US, Belgium, the UK, China, Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. It basically exports machinery, metals and manufactures, vehicles, food items, chemicals and textiles.
Japan: The leading exports of Japan are transport equipment, electrical machines, motor vehicles, chemicals and semiconductors. It primarily exports transport equipment, electrical machines, motor vehicles, chemicals and semiconductors.
Netherlands: Netherlands premier export partners are Germany, the UK, Belgium, Italy and France. It basically exports products like various types of equipments and machines, fuels, chemicals and foodstuffs.
France: Transportation equipment and machinery, pharmaceutical products, aircraft, iron and steel, plastics, beverages and chemicals are the top goods exported by France. Its leading export partners are Germany, the UK, Italy, the US, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain.
United Kingdom: The US, France, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, and Netherlands are the major export partners of the UK. It basically exports manufactured goods, food items, fuels, beverages, chemicals and, tobacco.
South Korea: The major export items of South Korea are semiconductors, steel, wireless telecommunications equipment, ships, motor vehicles, petrochemicals and computers. China, Japan and the US are the top export partners of South Korea.
Italy: Italy basically exports products like engineering goods, chemicals, clothing and textiles, food, production machinery, tobacco and beverages, motor vehicles, minerals, transport equipment and nonferrous metals. Its leading export partners are Germany, the US, France, the UK, Spain, and Switzerland.
Belgium: Belgium s leading export partners are Germany, the UK, France, the US, Netherlands, and Italy. Its major export products are machines and equipment, metals and related products, chemicals, foodstuffs and finished diamonds.