International Trade Company

International Trade Company is an organization which deals with exchange of goods and services across international borders. The flourishing activities of the international trading company exert strong influence on the GDP of a country. In fact, the gradual emergence of these organizations was meant for promoting worldwide trading activities prevalent extensively since the historic times.
Names and areas of operation of some of the prominent international trade companies are mentioned and briefly described below:

Benz International Trading Co.:
Benz International Trading Co. is a foreign registered company, involved in satisfying the requirement of wholesale buyers who deal with Indonesian products on a global basis. The principal aim of this international trade company is to provide the customers with the best-quality product at the least possible market prices. The main transaction of the company is with people involved in hotels ad resort companies, interior decoration and designing, retailers of furniture, handicrafts and home furnishings.

Some products of Benz International Trading Co.:
Candle and candle holders
Traditional statues, made of silver, bronze, terracotta and stone
Bone-made jewelries

Tianjin Shirun International Trade Co. Ltd.: Export and import forms the basic commercial activities of this international trade company. It specializes in the manufacture and export of household and garden decorations as well as handicraft items.

Diverse products of Tianjin Shirun International Trade Co. Ltd. include the following:
Cloisonne products
Marble carvings
Imitation antique marble carvings
Cast iron products
Cast copper products
Imitation antique furniture
Imitation antique art clock

The services of this company are good and the products are of finest qualities, with competitive prices to suit the requirements of both national and foreign customers.
Shanghai Pengfa International Trading Co., Ltd.:
Located in China, this international trade company is well-known for its excellent transport and communication infrastructures. It manufactures various metal, non-ferrous metal and stainless steel products, as well as surgical goods. As an ISO9001:2000 certified company, it has gathered immense experience in commercial lines with passing time, dealing with the production of metal goods such as:
Tungsten goods like plates sheets, rods bars, wires boats ?
Molybdenum goods like foils, rods, sheets, plates?
Nickel goods?
Niobium goods
Stainless Steel goods
Tantalum goods?
Titanium goods
Zirconium goods?


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