International Trade Conference

International trade conference, programs and meetings are held periodically to review the international trade scenario. The agenda of an international trade conference can be varied. These meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences are conducted by different government or non government bodies.
The World Trade Organization, UNCTAD or United Nation Conference on Trade and Development, are two such examples.

International trade conference agenda:
The World trade organization has as many as 148 countries on its rolls. Various aspects of economy of the member nations are dealt with, in the international trade conference organized by the WTO. The WTO had taken up the following topics at the international trade conference or meetings.

The topics, vary widely and some of the popular topics, which were attended to, this year ( till date) dealt with:
Reviewing economic policies
How to fight against piracy and counterfeiting
Copyright polices
Human rights and and other related issues.

The publications or topics of discussion are recorded as presentations and papers, which are made available to the people, through web portals and publications.

With respect to international trade, the topics taken up at the international trade conference include:
Tariff related factors,
Non tariff related discussions
In the year 2006, international trade conference was held in Kansas. The representatives at the trade conference discussed issues related to

Agriculture: this included topics like food processing, livestock.

Commercial trade and aviation.

Benefits, challenges, restrictions, management of international trade are all attended to at the international trade conference. There are many regional agreements as well as bilateral agreements, which give the whole concept of international trade a new dimension. Every now and then, few set of trade norms undergo modification. The effect of the changes on the economy is required to be taken into account. Trade policies are reformed from time to time depending on the needs. In other words, these conferences, meetings and workshops, play an important role in improving prevailing trade conditions in any country.

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