International Trade Management

International trade management can be referred to as the process by, which international trade is handled. Even if the international trade manifests favorable trends, there is competition to handle in the international trade market. Managing international trade policies, restructuring them according to the need of the hour, implementing the various trade polices, abiding by the norms governing international trade, all are taken into account when one speaks of international trade management.
There are many trade promotion organizations, also known as TPOs, who strive hard to manage and improve customer relationship. These trade promotion organizations assist, clients to take their trade to the international market arena. This requires the professionals of the trade promotion organizations to be well versed in their subject, to meet the demands of the changing conditions of the market economy.

An economy may be very small as compared to other economies of the world, but the success of the economy lies in being able to act faster than other countries, the promptness with which the nation is able to implement trade policies efficiently.

Role played by the international trade management bodies:
There are many organizations or international trade promoting bodies, which assist countries in improving trade with other countries. However, most of the International trade management bodies perform the following functions.
Gathering knowledge about the latest international trade happenings
Imparting information to the clients in matters related to the betterment of trade with the client’s trading partners.
Helping the client grow by providing better networking facilities.
Help building partnership.

Given below is a list of trade promoting bodies.
Marketeers And Associates International:
Operates in:
Lower Connecticut, New York and New Jersey
Business development
Management consultant
Implementation of marketing strategies

Other establishments assisting in the promotion of international trade are:
GMS, Inc-International trade consultants
Heaps Technical Services-International consultants in trade.

International trade management is not only vital for the growth of the individual company but it also plays an important role in the growth of economy of a country.


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