International Trade News

There are many International Trade news portals, which provide information on recent developments in international trade. It is particularly important for the trade analysts. It is very important to stay updated with the latest happenings in domestic trade and international trade.
Some of the important recent developments that have taken place in international trade are given in the international trade news section below. International trade news as from 20th October, 2007 to 25th October, 2007.

International trade news:
United States of America urges China to be flexible like India in market access flexibility-

World Trade Organization talks-

According to the Indian Prime Minister, India is ready to reorient itself, as per requirements of the WTO norms. The United States Trade representative, Susan Schwab, has urged China to be committed to market access flexibilities.

The Secretariat of World Trade Organization, in the month of July, had proposed different draft texts pertaining to industrial goods and the agriculture sector. India accepted the agriculture draft text but refused to comply by the non agriculture draft text.

Buffett warns investors about Chinese stocks-
Warren Buffett, who is a billionaire, has urged investors to exercise caution in investing in Chinese stocks. He cautions investors especially after the China’s benchmark index, doubled in 2007. According to Warren, stocks, should never be bought, if the stocks manifest a price rise. He goes on to say that, stocks ought to be bought only, when the company is doing well. There was an increase in the index by 174% till date. It has been estimated that this is the biggest rise amongst benchmarks(stocks). As many as 46 million trading accounts have been activated by Chinese investors till date. It has also been estimated that approximately, USD$2.2 trillion of savings has been invested in equities.
Importance of international trade news:
The importance of international trade news cannot be ignored. Those studying market dynamics, have to keep themselves updated about the effect of international trade on the economy of a country. By staying informed about the latest developments, the changing patterns of international trade can be reckoned. International trade impacts the gross domestic growth and other economic indicators to a great extent.

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