International Trade Services

International trade services primarily concerned with the activities relating to import and export operations. Some of the major activities relating to international trade services include security services, treasury management services, investment management and banking services.
An appreciable number of international trade service providers are offering flexible global trade services to the importers, exporters and financial institutions with the target to enhance their revenues and reduce risk. International trade service providers offer global network services using their updated technologies and trade expertise.

International trade services
Some of the major international trade services include letters of credit, financing solutions, outsourcing services, global payments, global collections and many more.

Letters of credit will reduce the transaction cost, global payment system will hasten payment procedure and global collection will fasten the funds collection and remittance procedure.
Some of the other beneficial international trade services include legal assistance to negotiate business contracts, registration of patents and trademarks, security service, investment management services, market research for product placement, communication with other foreign clients and treasury management services like global payment services, capital markets, global markets, global trade services and liquidity services.
Security services: Security services normally include execution services like idea generation, trade execution, clearance and settlement. Some of the other security services include clearing and financial advisor services, custody services, global fund services, securities lending services, collateral management services, transfer agency services, financial intermediaries, debt and equity securities.
Treasury management service: This is a special service, which will help in optimizing cash flow, securing adequate liquidity and managing risk. International trade service providers facilitate global payments through their global network services. International trade service providers also offer comprehensive innovative products and consultative services to corporate clients, and correspondent bank clients. They also offer a comprehensive range of currency, equity and interest rate products.


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