Electronic Trading Systems and US Fixed Income Market


In this paper we will discuss about the use and impact of electronic trading system in the US fixed market.

  • The electronic trading system presently accounts for an annual trading volume worth 88 trillion dollar in the US fixed income market.
  • The popularity of electronic trading system has increased rapidly over the last decade. Many financial market traders and investors are now learning how to handle the electronic trading systems. The traders in US fixed income market are not the exception of that.
  • In 2000, almost 10% of all the financial market transactions were done through electronic trading system. Nearly 25% of the equity market transactions were done via electronic trading.
  • In 2001, the total number of electronic trading system in the US fixed market was 89.
  • According to a renowned market research firm of Massachusetts, named Tower Group, in 2004, almost 60% of the fixed income securities were traded by using electronic trading system.
  • Numerous retail and as well as institutional investors of the fixed income market are now going for electronic trading. The US government has already spent more than 100 million dollars in the development of fixed income electronic system.


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