Financial Trading System

In this paper we will discuss about financial trading system. It provides a laboratory for the researchers. Several market parameters can be tested on the financial trading system. Financial Trading System (FTS) offers a trading room laboratory in which the innovative traders can conduct their research works under suitable conditions.
The researchers have designed and developed the FTS market by using their huge experience of economics. Variety of market parameters can be tested on the financial trading system. These experiments can serve as a tool of empirical economic analysis and also, advance the searches for alternative market mechanisms.

The structure of the FTS market is specified completely in an excel sheet. Therefore, the researchers can easily create simple and as well as complex market environments by using the functions and excel standard macros. In addition to that, they can also set the value against the market parameters using the excel formulas.

The FTS market can be run over the Internet. So, one PC, server, acts as a central market and several other PCs may be placed in different places, which will act as a trading station.
Therefore, using any of those PCs a trader can participate into the FTS market. The researchers can also log in to any of the PCs for their experiments.

The entry into the FTS system is always kept under strong protection. The traders have to provide correct login id and password to enter into the FTS market online.