Forex Currency Trading Strategies

In this paper we will discuss about the Forex Currency Trading Strategies. Choosing a right strategy is very important, for it helps the traders to reduce the risks. The traders ought to select the strategies according to their needs, otherwise the result would be adverse.
The success or failure of Forex trading depends hugely upon the choice of Forex Currency Trading Strategies. A correct choice will facilitate the traders with an efficient risk management, therefore will no longer have to fear about the market risks. The traders should chose Forex trading strategies on the basis of their needs, otherwise it will be of no use.

For example, there is no meaning of selecting such strategy which asks a trader, who is having a day job, to keep track of the market situation throughout the whole day. However, two Forex currency trading strategies are very popular in the Forex trading market.

These are discussed below. 5/8 Moving Average Strategy: It is a simple strategy which waits for the five EMA to go beyond 8 EMA, that is why it is named as 5/8 moving average strategy. While using this strategy, the traders have to keep track on their risk/reward ratios. Although, the “Stop Loss” is there to nullify the losses, if occur. Forex hedging Strategy: It is the most popular Forex currency trading strategy. This strategy involves in buying a GBP/JPY and at the same time, selling a CHF/JPY. The main aim of this strategy is to earn profit from the price shifts and as well as the interest rate difference. Interest rate for short CHF/JPY is less than for the long CHF/JPY. This strategy is not risk prone, therefore profitable. In fact, the Forex hedging strategy is one of the most effective Forex currency trading strategies available in the Forex trading market.

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Last Updated on : 23rd July 2013