National Bank of Uzbekistan

National Bank of Uzbekistan (NBU) was founded in the year 1991 and is the largest investment bank in Uzbekistan. Major activities and services of NBU comprise of traditional retail services, small and medium business services and corporate business services.
The other major services of National Bank of Uzbekistan include equity stakes in aircraft manufacturers, agribusiness, transport and tourism, textile industries etc.

Objectives of National Bank of Uzbekistan
Principal objectives of National Bank of Uzbekistan are servicing foreign trade operations, increasing export potentiality, and attracting foreign investors to invest in Uzbekistan.

National Bank of Uzbekistan also targets to develop market oriented economy by combining functions of commercial investment and savings banks.
NBU network
National Bank of Uzbekistan maintains IAS (International Accounting Standards ) and has the network of 96 offices in Uzbekistan. NBU also has over 560 correspondent banks and has a subsidiary in Moscow, called Asia-Invest Bank, which is one of the leading banks in Russia. Among the top 1000 world’s largest banks list, NBU ranked 562nd.

NBU statistics
In 2004, NBU experienced positive growth in Republican financial market. Consolidated balance of NBU reached to 2,929 million US Dollars and during reporting year bank’s capital increased by US$ 11 million.
NBU projects and services
NBU provide some technologically updated banking services like e-banking and electronic securities services, through which corporate clients of NBU will be able to get real time banking services with speed and convenience. NBU also provide advanced banking services through ATMs (Automated Teller Machine).

NBU also plans to take part in projects to privatize and restructure state owned enterprises in Uzbekistan. NBU also maintains a good relationship with foreign investment banks. As a result of this cooperation, foreign banks are also executing business with NBU.

One of the prime targets of National Bank of Uzbekistan is to attract external financing and actively taking part in the global market.

Corporate services of NBU include financing a working capital, factoring operations , project financing and retail services .

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Last Updated on : 25th June 2013